Client View

A normal user on your system (i.e. someone who isn't a staff member) will be shown the Client View. This is a separate section of the Ticket System designed to be more useful to a new user. This section should only be used by the client as it does not contain any Admin options.

A user with the user role Client will be automatically directed to this section upon login.

Clients will be greeted with the ticket creation form and the most recent Knowledge Base articles. You can either force the client to be logged in to create a ticket or allow users to create tickets without accounts, called Guest Tickets. These tickets have a one-time password which allows the client to view them by logging into them. The Guest Ticket details are automatically generated and emailed to the guest.

When the user begins typing in the Ticket Title, related Knowledge Base articles will begin to show up next to the Ticket area. These are based on keywords in the user's ticket title.

Once a user creates a ticket, your staff will be notified via notification that a new ticket has been created. If a staff member is assigned to specific categories and a new ticket has been created in that category, they will be alerted of the new ticket.

A logged in user will be able to see their tickets they have created in the Ticket Section. There is a useful search function added that allows the user to search via ticket title, category and more.

The Knowledge Base for the Client will list the various categories you have created and then also a list of recently added articles. You can click on the Category to see another list of articles under that list.

The Premium Plans section allows you to charge your users for support. This section will show different plans you have created in the Admin Panel. Depending on your settings, you can force a user to have an active Premium Plan in order to submit a ticket.

Users can buy Premium Plans with credits. Credits can be purchased through PayPal and Stripe and are automatically added to the users account.

Premium Plans can be easily disabled via the Admin Panel options.