Admin Panel

The Admin Panel allows you to keep your Support Centre up to date, manage members, change various settings and more. The default view of the Admin Panel will give you information about your users.

The Global Settings allows you to further customise your system.

There are quite a lot of options for the Admin Panel that help running your site that much easier. The first set of options is the Global Settings option. These options directly effect the site overall. Here you can change the Site Name, Logo, Disable Registration and more.

Other settings include Social Settings. These settings refer to allowing users to login to your site using their Social Network Accounts. You will need to obtain API keys from the Social Networks, you can do this quite easily and for free. Just follow our Social Network guide that is contained within the documentation folder.

Ticket Settings give you more control over how you want users to use your system. There are also IMAP settings added for Email Piping. Check out our documentation on Email Piping for more information on this.

You can add/edit/delete members from the Manage Members section. Here you can also assign different User Roles to your members.

The system also employs a User Role system. User Roles have certain privliges to various areas of the site and you can create custom User Roles for your users.

Defined User Roles:

  • Admin - complete access to every part of the site
  • Member Manager - access to the Admin Panel's Manage Members section
  • Admin Announcement - can post announcements on the system
  • Admin Settings - access to the global settings and social settings pages
  • Admin Payment - access to the payment settings in the Admin Panel
  • Ticket Manager - Can access all tickets
  • Ticket Worker - Can only access tickets assigned to them and in categories their user group is assigned to
  • Knowledge Manager - Can add/edit/delete articles in the Knowledge Base
  • Client - When logging in, the Client is automatically redirected to the Client View.

You can create custom roles which incorporate two or three of these roles such as:

 CUSTOM ROLE NAME: User Moderator

 ROLES: Member Manager, Admin Payment

Then if a user has the User Moderator User Role, they would be able to manage the member section in the admin panel and the admin payment settings areas.


Another option included in the software is User Groups. This section allows you to create groups for your users, allowing you to keep them more organised. You can also use groups to restrict access to certain pages. We have made a test page for this and you can view the coding behind it by editing the file application/controllers/Test.php.

We also have an in-built IP blocking system. Here you can add IP Address to a blacklist which will prevent those IP addresses from registering new accounts and logging in.

Email Templates allow you to edit Emails that are sent out to users. There is currently only one email you need to be aware of and that is the Forgotten Password email. If you wish to change this email and the way it's presented, feel free to edit the Email using this area.

Announcements allow you to broadcast instant messages to all users who visit the Client View. Announcements can be set to active or inactive; active ones are shown and inactive ones are not. An announcement disappears for the user once they have read it.

Payment Settings allow you to specify how you get paid when users buy credits on the Support Centre. Specify your PayPal email and Stripe API details so that users can use these to pay for credits.

This section can be completely disabled if you do not intend to charge for support.