Testing Doc


The dashboard for the Support Centre will give you a quick overview of your system. This dashboard is only seen by users with staff privlidges i.e. Admins, Ticket Managers, Knowledge Managers etc.

The first thing you'll see is some basic stats about how many tickets have been created. This data is cached and will update every 6 hours to help save resources.

The Ticket Overview graph will show how many tickets have been opened in a month and how many have been closed.

You'll see two sections for tickets: Your Tickets and Your Assigned Tickets.

Your Tickets will show tickets that have been created in categories you are assigned to. These are tickets your support staff will want to look at when looking for new work.

Your Assigned Tickets are tickets which you have been assigned to. A ticket can only have one staff member assigned to it in order to stop overlays.

There is also a section called Admin Notes which allows Admin users to post notes to the front page that only staff will see.